HR policies

To make Anova Corp become the best and ideal working place for employees is one of the top goals that the Group has been aiming during the time. Therefore, we focus on building a working environment where all members are provided with the best conditions and opportunities to work together and contribute to the development of Anova Corp and each individual. From the leadership of the Group to all employees, we commit to building Anova Corp to become one of the best working places in Vietnam.


The salary and bonus policy at Anova Corp is high compared to the standard in the market with the comparative consultancy of professional company and competitive in all aspects, including: salary, short-term and / or long-term rewards, additional allowances for wages.


The Group always pays attention to and builds the best welfare policy for employees such as the expanded high-quality health insurance program for employees and family members, the policy of studying encouragement for employees' children, discount for buying company products etc…


Based on the development orientation of Anova Corp, the Group has always focused on and developed a human training system with diverse courses for many levels to cultivate employees with the necessary qualities and skills; not only for the purpose of completing assigned tasks but also equipping employees with preparation for international integration.

Human development programs are designed to maximize the potential and career orientation, suitable to each individual. The fairness and transparency in the training and development is coherent, effective in work, strengthening and developing the integration capacity as well as the ability to work in a dynamic international environment for the employees, leaders of the Group.